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Blue Sky Footage Help and Frequently Asked Questions

Finding Footage

Find Footage - Quick Search

Quick Search box appears on top of website pages and you type in a keyword or keywords in the Quick Search box. You can further filter the results on the following thumbnail page of results.

To find clips using Quick Search

  1. Enter one or more keywords in the Search box.
  2. Click the Search button.
  3. If you would like to expand your search criteria, click on Advanced Search.

Find Footage - Advanced Search

Advanced Search give you the most options for finding what you want exactly based on content and video format.

To find footage clips using Advanced Search

  1. At the top of any web page, click Advanced Search.
  2. The Advanced search page appears.
  3. In the Keyword box, type one or more keywords, choose License Type if you wish.
  4. Mark the type of footage you are specifically looking for using our predefined properties.
  5. Click Search.

Filter Clips to Narrow Down Results

After any clip search, the Filter Clips box appears on the thumbnail results page and this filter tool shows the type and number of clips that exist in the current search results set. For example, if you had just searched on "mountains", you will see that some of the clips in the results include Aspect Ratio "HD 16:9 1920x1080 (# of results) and SD NTSC 4:3 720x480 (# of results)", etc.

If you click on "HD 16:9 1920x1080", the system narrows the search to only footage with "mountains" AND "HD 16:9 1920x1080". When you filter your search, the data in the Filter, the results pane changes to match the new results.

You may user multiple filters and up top in the grey bar use the bread crumbs to go backwards to fish about to accurately sort your results.

Clip Bins to Store Clips and Previewing Clips

Collecting Clips

You can use Clip Bin to collect clips for future reference. For example, create a new Clip Bin for a specific project and add the clips that you want, and share the Clip Bin with others via email.

All your Clip Bins are listed on the Clip Bin page and can be added onto and modified.

Previewing Clips

In the Clip Detail page you can view the online Flash (fast playback) or QuickTime (better video quality). Your connection speed will default when faster to QuickTime, and at anytime you can choose to View Flash version of the clip.

Download a full length comp version and a full resolution 8-frame sample of a clip to use temporarily to evaluate the resolution and content of the clip, while you're developing a project.

Share the clip via email.

View Related Clips and see more that are considered to be of the similar genre such as Moon and Skies, Hawaiian Canyons, London Real-Time Day, Monument Valley, Mongolia, Lightning, Los Angeles Traffic Night, Hollywood Day and so on.

Video Formats Help

We offer the most popular and highest quality video formats proven to be ready to use within editing systems immediately. To determine which format you need based on your production, look at the formats we offer at Video Formats for Download to download and test clips in the different video formats we offer to evaluate on your computer video editing system prior to purchase.

Pricing - Purchasing and Downloading Your Clips

Royalty-Free Stock Footage Clips and Collections - Select Your Clip Video Format Purchase - Download Ready

Click the button by the clip format you want and Add to Cart. Proceed through checkout process and you will receive an email with your easy download instructions promptly and automatically. You will download your footage via FTP which is easy and fast.

Rights Managed Footage - Quote Request - Price Quote ID - Purchase - Download or Custom Ready

Fill in a quote request under on the clip detail. Provide your name and contact information for us to contact you.

We will respond back with a Quote ID and Price quickly. This Quote ID is used online to purchase your footage and if requesting a download video format, your clip will be ready within minutes for download. If you need a physical format, as soon as we receive your purchase we will process your order immediately for delivery.

Blue Sky Footage provides the best quality footage on 35mm and HD and our footage masters are housed in lab ready to you to provide in 35mm negative, film scan, D5, D-beta and HD cam and other video formats. Our immediate download collection of 8-bit uncompressed video clips, video quality remains crisp and sharp and can be used for visual effects and large screens. We shoot on high-end video production gear and are ready to shoot a custom shoot for your video production needs, simply contact us and we will provide you a bid.

We accept all major forms of credit card and PayPal, check and for approved clients purchase orders.